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Law firm’s Management System


EXPOGD - Management of law firms

EXPOGD help in the management of files that a law firm resolve. EXPOGD recorded in a diary the actions that are performed on the file during the active life of the same, and issues the necessary bills as the case requires the record.



  • Records management requires customer data, INSURANCE, opposites, opposing counsel, prosecutors OWN, ATTORNEYS CONTRARY, EMPLOYEES, AGENCIES, and tried.
  • The life cycle of a record, starts with the record high, then several actions that are billed up to the time of resolution and file archiving is incorporated.
  • The incorporation of a series of actions can sort them and are managed from a diary to record how ALERTS.
  • The actions of each of the files were billed according to a pre-established accounts. That is, from the corresponding valuations of each of the accounts Performance, and these, in turn conform seats invoices.
  • An archive FILE HISTORICAL RECORDS goes to. However, it is possible to restore a file to resume the case file.
  • It is possible to incorporate a EXPOGD restrictions, for example, data of a delegation can not be viewed from another delegation under any circumstances.
  • The head office fits like any other delegation, a delegation manages some users, but not all users can see the records of all delegations.


  • EXPOGD manage user permissions for delegations on the Oracle platform.
  • EXPOGD has four modules: settings, security, masters, RECORDS of files.
  • You can hire a minimum of five users per delegation, and ask increments of 5 users. The best case is that every lawyer has an office a user to track their records, although the central secretary manage the detail of the records.