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Informatics and Telematics Consulting

The identification of the applications supported by TCP / IP technology form the company’s Intranet. The examination of specific projects indicate the existence of a set of requirements applicable to the company as well as the surrounding environment.

This set of requirements involves the need to provide access to capabilities of each job using the Internet technology, and can be:

> Document Management / publishing and collaboration.

> Voice and videoconference

> Email.

> Directory Services.

> Automation in business processes.

> Interoperability of applications on different platforms.

> Digital data storage.

> Database Managemente Systems

> Security services (such as encryption and certificate management).

We offer our assistance to bring a solution to the needs and situation of each client: solutions for Internet Provider Information Center, and techniques such as the preparation of alternative budgets.

We offer competitive prices and innovative applications, which adopt as operational guidelines flexible schedules and spaces that provide new telematics technologies: telecommuting and teletraining.