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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

We offer our ability to execute projects globally, in a client-server or web technology environment:

  • We provide Internet presence with your own domain, multimedia and database capabilities.
  • We supply complete personal and corporate Internet connections with access to all forms, flat fee, plus mailboxes.
  • We advise you with comprehensive solutions for the creation and dissemination of corporate applications, advertising and commercial content.
  • In addition to counseling, install Internet server centers, with custom design and turnkey.

If your case is to develop a central corporate server, IntraNet is the solution; IntraNet allows you to have an internal and external communication also provides competitive collaboration and coordination of many people in different projects.

  • We offer our consultancy to select the appropriate settings for a Server INTRANET. And also offer installation of hardware and software.

ERP Warehouse Management System

SAGE Despachos Connected System