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Network Maintenance


It represents the main element of our action. At this stage a number of revisions will be made primarily to obtain the state of the local network servers, peripheral equipment, and computers. Upon completion of the necessary revisions, a complete report with the network performance and all recommended actions carried out to address the needs, will be delivered.

One week is stipulated for the completion of the report from the date of contract.


In parallel we propose a verification of vulnerabilities if any, which consists of checking vulnerabilities from the Internet to the current system of the company.

The service consists of performing a detection report on vulnerabilities in servers, routers and / or firewalls, plus the maintenance and revision of the report every 90 days in the period of one year.

By using security scanners the search of security holes is automated. After a first pass, it continues looking for other information not so obvious, reporting any anomalies that may be of various kinds: from the detection of critical unprotected accesses, to checking open ports, quantifying the risks thereof.

Upon completion of the necessary tests, a full report will be delivered with all the actions taken and the results of each, indicating, if necessary, recommend security measures that take to solve these security problems.

One week is stipulated for the completion of the report from the date of contract.

The service is formalized with a service contract which specifies each of our responsibilities and the commitment of confidentiality.Maintenance centralizes the relationship with different providers of products or IT services, selection of the best offers for the customer, optimal functioning of the computer, continuously updated versions of software, advice for future purchases, help with installation of new programs and / or new hardware to your computer.

Consultations which are to be solved through the phone have a cost per consultation, and if a technical intervention on site is required because of the query it has a cost per hour.

In case the technician travels to the local company, you must indicate on the form of technical assistance, if it is a query or a proactive maintenance action. The form will be stamped by the company at the exit of the technician. Travel expenses are billed separately.