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Web Services

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Web Design

  • Flexibility: The design of the web site is logical, which means that enables the site to grow as the organization will require. Also it makes the necessary modifications can be made quickly.
  • Easy to navigate: Incorporating Web site through a logical and easy to navigate structure allow the user to explore the client-Her web site quickly and conveniently.
  • A contact form.
Optional Features
  • Social Networks: Inclusion in social networks if desired and with the corresponding links on page (recommended in order of priority: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for business).
  • Monitoring users entering their page. In a report to be made ​​from time to time as we request, you can:

-------- View from where users enter your page (filtered by country, city or region).
-------- Check the number of pages visited.
-------- View average session length.
-------- See the percentage of new visitors
-------- Compare new visitors regressive.
-------- Filter results by custom date period.

Realization of your website

The structure is based on the needs of the company. For this we will have their opinions or preferences in account for a better service.

  • Audience will be directed to the Web Site.
  • The purpose of the WEB Site.
  • Type of products or services advertised by the company.
  • Convenience of social networks in the case of your website.

Inclusion in search engines

Inclusion in search engine is a crucial service in web design. The aim is to include the website correctly within the maximum number of search engines and Internet directories.

Therefore, the service includes:

  • Analysis of requirements and search parameters required.
  • Process of insertion of site to be asimilated by the search engines
  • Optimizing texts to maximize the desired positioning. This involves the application of keywords for search, as well as the incorporation of specific programming code in the client home page for quick and automatic indexing.